About โ‹† Destination Wedding Photographer


I used to work in advertising in the health and beauty industry. My projects involved photography and the subsequent graphical realisation of ad campaigns. One day I decided that I wanted to pursue photography full time and the rest is history as they say!

I am constantly defining my style but my background in the beauty industry has obviously influenced it. I always strive to make you look as gorgeous as you deserve to be.

“For me photography is about making things look great. In every scene there is a beautiful photo just waiting to be discovered and it’s my job to find it.”

I always find these “biography” pages for wedding photographers quite amusing as the notion that you might choose a photographer based on their music, food and lifestyle preferences doesn’t seem like a good way to select someone who is going to photograph one of the most important days of your lives! You should find a photographer whose style connects with you and then see if you connect with them. You need to be photographed by someone you like, someone you can relate to and communicate with easily.

What do I offer?

  1. I will photograph your wedding, I am not a studio so I won’t send someone else. I do it.
  2. You receive all the images. You also receive images that have had my signature retouching applied to them. My editing is very comprehensive. Your images will look like they belong in a magazine.
  3. I will talk with you and also guide you through the process. I have been to hundreds of weddings so let me share my knowledge and advice on how to get better wedding photos.

For full details about my photography please contact me.

Who are my clients?

  1. My clients are people that care about their wedding photos. They believe the photos are a priority as I give them the only thing that they take away with them from the wedding. They are not just photos they are memories and stories that will be there for generations to come.

Below are a few of the magazines that have featured my work. If you want to view the weddings themselves you can view then on my other website Italian Wedding Photographer.