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Austin Texas wedding

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer. These were the replies to the questions a curious traveler asked me at the airport. I sat down at the gate and was waiting for the boarding announcement when another passenger said to me “That’s a big camera bag. Where are you going and what do you do?” I’m going to Austin Texas and I’m a wedding photographer I replied.

Being able to travel for weddings is a privilege and I love the opportunity to experience new locations and be challenged and stimulated by new places.

Omni Barton Creek Resort

The Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa is about 25 mins from downtown Austin. The resort is renowned for its golf courses and the hotel is located right in the middle of them.

On the morning of the wedding there was very crisp frost so I started the day early capturing a few shots of the frozen white golf course before it thawed.

Each side of the bridal party was getting ready in different parts of the hotel so after some detail shots I photographed the bride and her girls preparations and then I photographed the groom and guys getting ready.

St.Emmaus Catholic Church wedding

The wedding ceremony itself was held at the St.Emmaus Catholic Church about 20 minutes from Barton Creek.

It was nice to have a relatively unplugged wedding, there were very few cell phones and cameras present during the ceremony. This has become a big problem at modern weddings and lately has been getting quite a lot of media coverage in the wedding world.

After the ceremony we took family photos by the altar while the majority of the guests made their way back to the resort.

As the happy couple exited the church they were showered with white petals and then we then jumped in a car and went for a photo session in the countryside not far from the resort.

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

The bride has mentioned to me a destination called the Rock House that she liked for photos.

This is actually another wedding venue about 5 mins from the main resort and is a very quiet and secluded place in the countryside.

Omni Barton Creek Reception and Party

Once we had enough photos we returned to the Omni Barton Creek resort. The guests were outside enjoying drinks and the last few rays of sunshine.

The Pavilion had been decorated and transformed so I took some photos of it before everyone went inside. Then the bride and groom made an energetic entrance followed by their first dance.

Following this the bride danced with her father and the groom with his mother. Later in the evening they cut a beautiful wedding cake. There was a fun chocolate sponge cake that was shaped like a golf bag.

Lots of dancing and partying ensued and much later there was a noisy send off as they were showered with petals before they were driven off into the night in a golf cart.

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