The Breakers Palm Beach wedding rehearsal dinner

The Breakers Palm Beach wedding rehearsal dinner

This gorgeous rehearsal dinner takes places at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida. It’s the day before the big day, people from all over the USA as well and internationally are gathering in Palm Beach to celebrate this wonderful wedding.

Flamingo centerpieces at The Breakers!

To get the events off to a flying start, there is a lively rehearsal dinner at The Breakers. The Breakers is without a doubt an iconic hotel and is indeed a very impressive establishment. The weather in Florida is notoriously good; and so it is no surprise that we are looking forward to a weekend of sunshine and pleasant winter temperatures.

The Breakers – Tropical Style!

The theme of a tropical beach party is lot of fun; the punchy decor and live music certainly sets the scene for festivities!

Just check out those flamingo centerpieces! All the florals and decor for the weekend are by Tom Mathieu. Drinks take place for an hour in the central courtyard of The Breakers. They call this the Mediterranean Courtyard and then we all move inside for dinner to the Mediterranean Ballroom. During dinner, there are a lot of entertaining speeches from friends and relatives. At the end of the evening those that remain head to The Circle Ballroom for dessert and a few cocktails. It is certainly a wonderful start to the celebrations and I am looking forward to the wedding day.

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