Villa Padierna Palace wedding - Wedding in Marbella Spain

Villa Padierna Palace wedding – Wedding in Marbella Spain

This Villa Padierna Palace wedding in Marbella is just incredible. Due to copyright and privacy restrictions, I am unable to show the clients or any guests. However, I am going to share some of the stunning details and sets from this luxury wedding in Spain.

The event lasts two days but I am on site 2 days prior to the wedding. I am helping with final decisions such as timings, logistics, lighting requirements and so on. I could see the dream coming alive day by day, hour after hour while a vast amount of people were working non-stop, day and night to make everything possible.

It is indeed every girl’s dream to find a prince who will grant her the wish of the most lavish wedding you can possibly dream of. This is exactly what this groom gives to his bride. A “no budget wedding” where she can have anything she wants to fulfill her lifelong dream.

The decorations, staging, floral design and concept is entirely produced by the exceptionally talented Vincenzo Dascanio and his brilliant team.

This luxury wedding in Marbella Spain is perfectly run by Grand Days. Marina Zubareva and her team organises and directs the event impeccably from start to finish.

Wedding in Marbella Spain – Luxury Location

Villa Padierna Palace is a luxury resort near the town of Marbella. A beautiful championship golf course surrounds the venue, there are wonderful views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. The Villa is a splendid canvas for the grand designs and decorations, with plenty of great locations where to host the various aspects of the wedding.

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Custom Made Designer Dress

The wedding dress was custom designed and made by British Maison Alexander McQueen, very well known for his theatrical designs fit for a queen, the dress features a bustier completely encrusted with precious stones and metals. The bride also wore a custom headpiece and earrings to complete her amazing look.

Rolls Royce, Tenors, Canons and Doves

A Rolls Royce brought the bride from her private villa near the beach to Villa Padierna where a beautiful wedding ceremony was held in the amphitheater. The ceremony starts with a surprise performance from 3 Tenors from La Scala in Milan; they are flown in specially to perform at various moments throughout the day and when they emerge from behind the columns at the amphitheater the guests are delighted by their powerful singing. Flower girls enter and the groom follows and finally the bride. After a lovely wedding ceremony at the moment of their first kiss canons explode and shower them in thousands of petals. At the end of the wedding ceremony the newly-weds release beautiful white doves that fly off into the perfect blue skies.

Wedding Theme – The Oscars

After the wedding ceremony the guests are ushered to a secret area where the cocktails and refreshments start. The theme for this wedding is “The Oscars”. The couple wants a red carpet event that would playfully mirror the glamour and drama of the Oscar Awards Ceremony. After some time enjoying each others company the guests are invited inside to the wedding reception. They have to follow the red carpet and pass along a press wall where they can pose for photos.

Stunning Wedding Reception

Inside there is a veritable feast for the senses. After 2 days of solid work Vincenzo Dascanio and his team have taken a bare room and transformed it into a dreamland fit for a princess, it is simply breathtaking.

Luxury Wedding Spain – Entertainment

During the dinner world class entertainment is provided by various acts including Caro Emerald. Sets and acts change smoothly as you would expect at an event driven by a professional production team. The entire day and evening is hosted by a famous television presenter who introduces the different acts and gives explanations to the guests which keeps everyone thoroughly involved and entertained. A fantastic Russian dance troupe gives some very vibrant and spirited performances and many of the guests also join in these more traditional moments. The speeches are then conducted and Oscar statues are given out in recognition to people. Once the awards were over another performance is given by the tenors, images of famous Italian landmarks are projected behind them creating an ideal backdrop. The lighting, stage set-up and construction, audio and visual aspects were expertly managed by Fazeta Producciones.

Desserts to Die For

Whilst all of the entertainment is going on inside people are working hard outside to prepare a stunning dessert corner and lounge areas. Once outdoors the guests enjoy the cooler air and the delightful desserts. I take the bride and groom for a very short photo session as the sun is setting and bring them back to their guests before anyone even notices they are gone. More dancing and music follows as well as the cutting of the wedding cake.

Epic Conclusion to a Perfect Wedding

At the end of the evening everyone gathers outdoors and the lights are turned off as the tenors make their crescendo performance to introduce a stunning light mapping show where butterflies and flowers grow on giant crystals. The bride is hidden on an automated platform that raises her up out of a crystal heart as the show reaches it’s climax.

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