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Luxury Wedding Florence

A lavish wedding at one of the loveliest villas in Italy. Villa Gamberaia has amazing gardens and is tucked away on the hills that overlook Florence. This wedding is a truly international affair with people coming from all over the world to celebrate the wedding of this fantastic couple from London. A luxury wedding in Florence is not about how much you spend it is about taste, elegance and style and this wedding has it all.

The bride and groom and their families are staying at Villa Gamberaia so this is where I start the day. I photograph the villa and gardens first and then the details such as the dress, rings and shoes. Next are some photos of the groom getting ready. The preparations are nice and easy as they are only a couple of rooms apart so I can easily move back and forwards between the two of them.

Luxury wedding Florence – Church ceremony

The wedding is at the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte. This is the church high up behind the Piazzale Michelangelo, which is the square with the amazing view over all of Florence. The ceremony is led by a young, interesting witty priest who leads the entire wedding with an appropriate tone and a little refreshing humour. We finish the wedding and once all the congregation has congratulated the newlyweds outside we take a few photos with the lovely view of Florence before we then drive back to Villa Gamberaia in Fiesole.

At Villa Gamberaia the party starts with the aperitivi. The villa also has lovely views across Fiesole and Florence and everyone enjoys the amazing gardens and backdrops everywhere you look.

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